Blue Cohosh 100 Count 00 Capsules 700mg

Blue Cohosh 100 Count 00 Capsules 700mg

Common Names:  Blue Ginseng, Caulophyllum, Squaw Root, Pappoose Root, Yellow Ginseng

Scientific Name:  Caulophyllum Thalictroldes

Common Uses:  Muscle Spasms, Rheumatism, Menstrual Flow, Seizures, To Induce Labor, Many American Indians Tribes Used Blue Cohosh In Conjunction With Other Herbs and Fluids For Abortive and Contraceptive Purposes

*Warnings:  Do not take if you are pregnant because it may stimulate the uterus. Do not take if you have heart disease. Call your doctor if you experience chest pain, mucous membrane irritation from contact with the powdered extract, severe diarrhea, stomach cramps or upset, symptoms of high blood pressure such as headache, blurred vision or seizures, symptoms of high blood sugar such as extreme thirst, frequent urination, rapid breathing,rapid pulse, weak pulse.

Origin:  Eastern United States and Canada

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