Pipsissewa Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Pipsissewa Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names: Bitter Wintergreen, False Wintergreen, Ground Holly, King's Cure, Prince's Pine, Rheumatism Weed.

Scientific Name: Chimaphila Umbellata L., Pyrolaceae, Heath Family.

Common Uses: Noted for producing diuretic action without irritant side-effects. Prolonged use of the leaf tea is said to dissolve bladderstones and dropsy. It has been recommended for scrofula and rheumaticproblems. With medical supervision, it can be used for dropsy, albuminuria, hematuria, chronic kidney problems, and gonorrhea. Externally, a tea or poultice made from the plant can be applied to ulcers, sores, tumors,blisters, and swellings, muscle cramps. Native Americans used leaf tea for backaches, coughs, stomachaches, as a blood purifier, diuretic; drops used for sore eyes. Leaves were smoked as a tobacco substitute.

*Warnings: Leaves poulticed on the skin may induce redness, blisters, and peeling. Arbutin hydrolyzes to the toxic urinary antiseptichydroquinone.

Origin: United States and southern Canada, in the mountains in the south.Absent from the southeastern and central southern states.

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