Poke Root Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Poke Root Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Common names:  American Nightshade, Coakum, Garget, Ink Berry,Pocan Bush, Pocoon, Poke, Poke Berry, Poke Root, Pigeon Berry,Red Ink Berries, Red Ink Plant, Red Weed, Scoke, Virginia Polk

Scientific Name:  Phytolacca Americana L., Phytolacca Decandra L., Phytolaccaceae, Poke Weed Family

Common Uses:  Very good for hard liver, biliousness, inflammation of the kidneys, syphilis, gonorrhea, rheumatism, canker sores tonsillitis,enlarged lymphatic glands. It is effectivein goiter, either taken internally or applied as a poultice or liniment.  Excellent in skin diseases, old wounds, old ulcers, sores, boils,relieves difficult urination, scrofula, and eczema. If a tea is madeof the root and applied to the skin, it will cure itching. Poke weedis most commonly used as a laxative.

*Warnings:  Do not confuse with White Hellebore (Veratrum Viride) which is highly toxic. Overdose can cause vomiting, convulsions, and death.Avoid pokeroot during pregnancy because it can cause fetal abnormalities.

Origin:  America (except extreme north of the US) and in many European countries. Maine to Florida and Texas.

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