Red Raspberry Leaf Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Red Raspberry Leaf Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names:  Fu-p'en-tzu (Chinese Name), Reapberry, Wild Red Raspberry, Garden Raspberry, European Red Raspberry

Scientific Name:  Rubus Strigosus L., Rubus Idaeus L., Rosaceae, Rose Family.

Common Uses:  Good for diarrhea, dysentery, intestinal flu, vomiting,nausea, hemorrhoids, sores, wounds, and female disorderssuch as morning sickness, hot flashes, menorrhagia, andmenstrual cramps. Strengthens the uterine wall, relaxesuterine and intestinal spasms, and decreases menstrualbleeding. Heals canker sores and promotes healthy nails,bones, teeth, and skin. It was once taken by pregnantwomen to prevent miscarriage, increase milk, and reducelabor pains. Fresh raspberries are mildly laxative.

*Warnings:  May interfere with iron absorption when takeninternally. Care should be taken in cases of chronic constipation. American raspberry has a good reputation for reducingmiscarriage but other varieties are known to promoteabortion. Do not take during pregnancy until the last 2 months, andthen only under the supervision of a qualified healthpractitioner.

Origin:  Rubus North America.  Europe.

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