Rosemary Leaf Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Rosemary Leaf Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names:  Garden Rosemary, Mi-Tieh-Hsiang (Chinese Name), Rosemary Plant

Scientific Name:  Rosmarinus Officinalis L., Labiatae, Mint Family

Common Uses:  A valuable heart and liver tonic and also helps reduce high blood pressure. Used to treat 'nerves', digestive disorders, palsy, weak memory, dizziness, migraine, dandruff, stimulates hair growth; restore appetite, gas, clears sight, jaundice, consumption, and menstrual pains.

*Warnings:  Excessive amounts of rosemary taken internally can cause fatal poisoning. Rosemary oil may not be taken internally, because it irritates the stomach, intestinal tract, and kidneys. Pregnant women should not drink rosemary tea.

Origin:  Originated in the Mediterranean are and is now widely cultivated for its aromatic leaves and as a kitchen seasoning.

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