Sheep Sorrel Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Sheep Sorrel Cut And Sifted Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names:  Common Field Sorrel, Common Sorrel, Garden Sorrel, Meadow Sorrel, Red Top Sorrel, Sourgrass, Suan-Mo (Chinese Name).

Scientific Name:  Rumex Acetosella L., Rumex Acetosa L., Polygonaceae, Buckwheat Family.

Common Uses:  A decoction of the root has been used for hemorrhage in the stomach, diarrhea, and for excessive menses. For mouth ulcers and sore throat, fever, inflammations, scurvy, expel worms, kills putrefaction in the blood.

*Warnings:  May cause poisoning in large doses, due to the high oxalic acid and tannin content.

Origin:  Very common in damp meadows, in yards, grassland and fields,along roads and shorelines, usually on acid soils, in Europe and Asia, throughout much of the United States and Canada, except the far north and south.

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