Sarsparilla Root Powder Bulk By The Ounce

Sarsparilla Root Powder Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names:  Dwipautra (Sanskrit Name), Honduras Sarsaparilla, Jamaica Sarsaparilla, Quay-Quill Sarsaparilla, Red Sarsaparilla, Spanish Sarsaparilla, Tu-Fu-Ling (Chinese Name).  

Scientific Name:  Smilax Ornata

Common Uses:  Gout, rheumatism,arthritis, colds, fevers, and catarrhal problems, as well as for relieving flatulence. A tea made from it has also been used externally for skin problems,scrofula, ringworm, and tetters, impotence, liver problems, venereal disease, leukorrhea, herpes,fever blisters, other disorders caused by blood impurities, epilepsy,and nervous system disorders. Reduces fever, psoriasis, and controls diabetes, stomach, impotence, cystitis, and kidney disorders, Regulates hormones, increases energy, and protects against harmful radiation.Will increase flow of urine. Good eyewash.

*Warnings:  Take only for 2 weeks out of every 3.

Origin:  Found in woodlands in southern Canada from Newfoundland to BritishColumbia and south, east of the Rocky Mountains to Georgia and Colorado,in mountains in southern parts of its range

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