Quassia Chips Bulk By The Ounce

Quassia Chips  Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names: Bitter Ash, Bitter Bark, Bitter Quassia, Bitter Wood, Lofty Quassia, Quassia Bark, Quassia Wood

Scientific Name: Quassia Amara

Common Uses: An infusion of the wood has been used forfever, rheumatism, and dyspepsia. Taken internally, itkills roundworms, and as an enema it kills pinworms.  The tea is said to destroy appetite for alcohol. Waterleft standing overnight in a cup made from quassia woodbecomes a weak infusion suitable as a bitter tonic for the stomach. An infusion serves as a scalp rinse to counteractdandruff.

*Warnings: nausea, heart function, vision changes .Quassia is UNSAFE to takeby mouth during pregnancy or breast-feeding. It can cause cell damage and nausea.

Origin: A native of tropical America and the West Indies.

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