Bee Wax by the Ounce

Bee Wax by the Ounce

Common Names: Wax, Balm

Scientific Name: Cera Alba

Common Uses: Candles and ornaments, Lip balm, Cosmetics and medicinal creams, Foundation for new honeycomb in hives, Slippage prevention for belts in vacuum cleaners, sewing machines, etc. Waterproofs shoes, fishing lines, Lubricant for doors, windows, tools, Wax for skis, toboggans, bow strings, Creates a freely moving surface on irons and frying pans, Furniture polish, Soap making, Beard and mustache wax, Grafting wax, Crayons, Sealing on jams and jellies, Reconstructive surgery, Leather waterproofing "Lost-wax" method of casting, Embalming procedures, Dental procedures, Polishes, Wood filler, Tack cloth, Glass etching.

*Warnings:  No known allergies to the wax.

Origin:  United States

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