Bupleurum 100 Count 00 Capsules 700mg

Bupleurum 100 Count  00 Capsules 700mg

Common Names:  Bei Chai Hu, Bupleuri, Bupleurum Chinese, Bupleurum Chinense, Bupleurum Exaltatum, Bupleurum Falcatum, Bupleurum Fruticosum, Bupleurum Longifolium, Bupleurum Multinerve, Bupleurum Octoradiatum, Bupleurum Rotundifolium, Bupleurum Scorzonerifolium, Buplevre, Buplevre Chinois, Buplevre a Feuilles Rondes, Buplevre a Feuilles de Scorsonere, Buplevre a Longues Feuilles, Buplevre Ligneux, Chai Hu, Chi Hu, Chinese Bupleurum, Chinese Thoroughwax, Hare's Ear Root, Radix Bupleuri, Saiko, Shrubby Hare's-Ear, Sickle-Leaf Hare's-Ear, Thoroughwax.

Scientific Name:  Bupleurum Falcatum L., (synonym Bupleurum Chinense DC. and Bupleurum Scorzonerifolium Willd.). Family: Apiaceae (Carrots). Synonym: Umbelliferae

Common Uses: Bupleurum is used for respiratory infections, including the flu (influenza), swine flu, the common cold, bronchitis, and pneumonia; and symptoms of these infections, including fever and cough. Some people use bupleurum for digestion problems including indigestion, diarrhea, and constipation. Women sometimes use it for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and painful periods (dysmenorrhea).Bupleurum is also used for fatigue, headache, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), trouble sleeping (insomnia), depression, liver disorders, and loss of appetite (anorexia).Other uses include treatment of cancer, malaria, chest pain (angina), epilepsy, pain, muscle cramps, joint pain (rheumatism), asthma, ulcers, hemorrhoids, and high cholesterol.

*Warning: There isn't enough information to know if bupleurum is safe. However, some side effects have been reported, including increased bowel movements, intestinal gas, and drowsiness. In combination with other herbs, such as in the Japanese herbal formula called Sho-saiko-to, it has caused serious lung and breathing problems.

Origin: Chinese herbalism.

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