Wheat Grass 100 Count 00 Capsules 500 mg

Wheat Grass 100 Count 00 Capsules 500 mg

Common Names:  Agropyre, Agropyron, Agropyron Repens, Agropyron Firmum, Ble en Herbe, Brote del Trigo, Couchgrass, Couch Grass, Cutch, Dog, Grass, Dog-Grass, Doggrass, Durfa Grass, Elytrigia Repens, Elymus Repens, Graminis Rhizoma, Herbe de Ble, Quack Grass, Quackgrass, Quitch Grass, Scotch Quelch, Triticum, Triticum Firmum, Triticum Repens, Twitchgrass, Wheat Grass, Witch Grass.

Scientific Name:  Triticum Aestivum

Most Common Uses:  Ulcerative colitis. There is some evidence that freshly extracted wheatgrass juice might reduce overall disease activity, and the severity of rectal bleeding in this condition. Reducing cholesterol,Anemia, Diabetes, Cancer, High blood pressure, Preventing toothdecay, Wound healing, Preventing infections. Removing drugs, metals, toxins, and cancer-causing substances from the body.

*Warnings:  Wheatgrass can cause nausea, appetite loss, and constipation. Special Precautions & Warnings: Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Not enough is known about the use of wheatgrass during pregnancy and breast-feeding. Stay on the safeside and avoid use.

Origin:  Northeast Kansas, USA, Boston.

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