Penny Royal Powder Bulk By The Ounce

Penny Royal Powder Bulk By The Ounce

Common Names:  American Pennyroyal, Hedeoma, Mock Pennyroyal, Mosquito Plant, Squaw Balm, Squawmint, Stinking Balm, Thickweed, Tickweed.

Scientific Name:  Mentha Pulegium

Common Uses:  Carminative, diaphoretic, emmenogogue (promote menstruation), antispasmodic, mild sedative, sudorific, stimulant, aromatic.

*Warnings:  All essential oils are life-threatening if taken internally. To take pennyroyal oil internally to terminate an unwanted pregnancy is very dangerous and in a few cases has resulted in death. There is possible fetal damage from the use of pennyroyal in any form during pregnancy. Ingesting essential oil can be lethal; contact with essential oil (a popular insect repellent) can cause dermatitis. Not be used during pregnancy, it is a uterine stimulant.

Origin:  West to Minnesota and Nebraska.

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