Periwinkle 100 Count 00 Capsules 500 mg

Periwinkle 100 Count 00 Capsules 500 mg

Common Names:  V. MajorGreat Periwinkle, V. MinorEarly-FloweringPeriwinkle, Lesser Periwinkle, Running Myrtle

Scientific Name: Vinca Major L., Vinca Minor L., Apocynaceae, Dogbane Family

Common Uses:  Periwinkle is a remedy for diarrhea, flatulence,indigestion, ulcers in the throat and mouth, diabetes, disorders ofthe skin and scalp, excessive menstruation and hemorrhage. Chew theherb to help stop bleeding in the mouth, nose, and to help toothache.The tea is used for nervous conditions, hysteria, and convulsions.Improves blood flow in cerebral arteriosclerosis and can be helpful aftera stroke; tonic for the cerebral arterioles, reduces high blood pressure, a blood tonic.

*Warnings:  Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Periwinkle is UNSAFE. Don't use it.Periwinkle is UNSAFE. It can cause side effects such as nausea, vomiting,and other stomach and intestinal symptoms. It can also cause nerve,kidney, and liver damage. Large amounts can cause very low blood pressure.

Origin:  Grows wild in Great Britain and Europe and is also cultivated there and in the United States.The pale blue or white flowered plants grow in woods and orchards, hedges, but the purpleones only grow in gardens.

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