Strawberry Leaf 100 Count 00 Capsules 650 mg

Strawberry Leaf 100 Count 00 Capsules 650 mg

Common Names:  Alpine Strawberry, Fragaria Collina, Fragaria Insularis, Fragaria Vesca, Fragaria Virginiana, Fragaria Viridis, Fragariae Folium, Fraise, Fraise Alpine, Fraise de Virginie, Fraise des Bois, Fraise des Bois Alpine Blanche, Fraise des Montagnes, Faise Sauvage, Fraisier, Fraisier Craquelin, Fraisier des Collines, Fraisier Vert, Fresa, Mountain Strawberry, Potentilla Vesca, Potentilla Virginiana, Potentilla Viridis, Strawberries, Virginian Strawberry, Wild Strawberry, Wood Strawberry.

Scientific Name:  Fragaria Vesca

Common Uses:  Diarrhea, sluggish intestines, liver disease, yellowed skin (jaundice), pain and swelling (inflammation) of the lining of the respiratory tract, gout, arthritis, nervous tension, water retention (edema), kidney ailments involving gravel and stones, fever, night sweats, and "tired blood" (anemia)."purifying the blood," stimulating metabolism, preventing menstruation, and supporting "natural weight loss.

*Warnings:  Uses cation will Pregnant. if allergic to Strawberry don't take.

Origin:  East Asia, China, Japan, the Himalayas, and the Indies

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